“Sunlight is the best disinfectant”    Justice Louis D. Brandeis

Executive Summary:

The initial proceedings in the Circuit Court of Cook County Ill. were initiated by me, against John M. Kuklenski, and Raymond James & Associates due to the dishonest and deceitful recruiting tactics employed against me, and other friends and advisors, during the period 2004 to 2009.

The mandatory FINRA arbitration proceedings were instituted by Raymond James & Associates under the mandatory FINRA arbitration clause contained within the FINRA Form U-4, thereby allowing them to avoid the independence, potential ramifications, and objective scrutiny of either the local, state or federal courts.

My expectation in developing this website is to prevent what happened to me, from happening to other financial advisors, investors or their attorneys:

This site principally details:

1)   The deceptive and fraudulent recruitment practices of financial advisors by dishonest rogue managers and their firms, and the very common practices of intentionally overpromising the available services, technology and abilities of a firm or its local management.

2)   The subsequent mandatory FINRA arbitration I, and many other individual investors and financial advisors, have been subjected to, and the very common underhanded practices and advisor and their attorneys are likely to face.

The information provided herein of the deceptions, confusion, intimidation, perjury, and dishonesty employed in the recruitment and subsequent arbitration (and your awareness), could possibly prevent you from suffering the same pain, humiliation and financial destruction that I and my family have been forced to endure for more than eight  years.

My story is just one of many such recruiting and arbitration horror stories within the industry, and the ensuing injustices imposed due to the mandatory FINRA Dispute Resolution practices. It is important for any financial advisor who is considering changing firms to become familiar with the underhanded and deceitful actions of these few unscrupulous managers and the significant career and business risks involved in resolving any conflicts, due to a biased and conflicted  FINRA mandatory arbitration process.

CLEARLY UNDERSTAND: The MANDATORY FINRA ARBITRATION PROCESS is easily used by unscrupulous managers and their firms AS A WEAPON against financial advisers, and investors FOR THE PURPOSE OF REDUCING THEIR POTENTIAL LIABILITY by denying due process.

Certainly, the vast majority of managers and recruiters are honest and work very hard to provide true and accurate information to financial advisors and new recruits.

Unfortunately, there are rogue managers who, for their own personal gain and promotion, will selfishly deceive, lie, over-promise, conceal facts and over-state capabilities and services of their firms  to prospective recruits in order for the manager’s own personal gain. Importantly, these practices are far too common.

As my former manager stated, “Don’t worry about it Bob, it’s all just a game.” 

These are the types of corrupt managers we are attempting to expose for what they are, and how their lies and deceptions are often defended or dismissed by the securities firms that employ them.

Any formal complaint made by a financial advisor, no matter what the issue, is first remanded to the FINRA mandatory arbitration process, and is not allowed to enter either civil or federal jurisdiction. It is estimated by numerous securities attorneys that this biased and conflicted mandatory process results in an estimated 90% loss by financial advisors who have filed complaints against FINRA member firms, and which resulted in an estimated 50%+   personal bankruptcy filings of the financial advisors who were forced into the FINRA mandatory arbitration proceedings.

Careers Destroyed; Arbitration Fraud and Horror Stories

This website has been established to assist Financial Advisers, their attorneys and Federal and State securities regulators in their investigation and examinations of the deceptive, illicit and manipulative recruiting practices of unscrupulous, rogue managers, and the securities firms that employ them. Additionally, we will provide specific detail regarding some of the illicit, abusive and deceptive strategies utilized by the attorneys representing these firms within the mandatory Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) mandatory Dispute Resolution Process.

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Please Note: Within the entire mediation and arbitration proceedings, there were no issues touching on client funds, client complaints, client suitability, or the management of relationship(s) with any client or prospect.


Raymond James & Associates VS RBRowe FINRA Arbitration